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GIVE mHealth "AI in Mobile Health" focuses on the unmet need in remote healthcare sectors and the mechanism that makes it possible for doctors to sift through diagnoses of patients in remote areas and evaluate itemized illnesses and diseases diagnosis to the doctor's hands and provide direct assistance. We bring expertise in healthcare research, policy development, and implementation. We offer a robust process of data analysis and research driven policy development, and a specific focus on equity throughout the entire cycle from development to implementation. It focuses on empowering doctors to conduct clinical trials as well as give the patients borderless reach and better outcomes through AI enabled mobile app. The focus is on improving healthcare for patients and improved healthcare systems for the mobile digital age.

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GIVE mHealth fills the gap for information on healthcare data. We provide mobile health strategy and program development by engaging a broad set of stakeholders in research and planning to ensure our data and recommendations represent diverse community viewpoints, and we position our clients to take actions that will create lasting impact in improving healthcare quality through digital health. With our expertise, we support action planning and strategy execution, along with data collection and progress monitoring. The apps allow patients doctors and out-care health professionals to have mobile means of fully interactive healthcare outside the hospitals. The app presents personalized health solutions that provide connectivity to the broad scale of life-saving AI to doctors and physicians/clinicians are enabled to give medical attention through the platform. With the numerous amounts of health-related apps, the AI highlights their functional and collective medical attributions. It empowers patients with more critical data on their personal health.

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The GIVE telehealth app focuses on increasing access for patients connecting digital diagnostics through remote areas across the world. An equity review (also called an equity audit) provides systems with clear indicators for how well they are meeting the needs of all their constituents and the ways in which they may unintentionally contribute to existing inequality. We offer a unique approach to administering an equity review as an opportunity to help hospitals, governments, public agencies, and clinics identify the system's contribution to inequality and the ways in which it can improve these medical outcomes. Utilizing artificial intelligence and medical expertise in global health equity to improve healthcare access in distant regions around the world is the aim of GIVE mHealth. The advancement of artificial intelligence has enabled devices to monitor and examine people’s body vital functions remotely in distant areas, a vast advancement over early health monitoring devices. The Harvard/GIVE Fellowship examines how to utilize this technology in the US to improve healthcare access.

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