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In response to the COVID-19 crisis. GIVE mHealth doctors are focusing on telehealth visits with patients in the heavily stricken areas of New York and New Jersey. As non-critical patients are being asked to not come to the hospital, we are using our platform to reach other patients that could be critical or need to see a doctor regardless of depth of illness. Contact us now and we will schedule a telehealth visit with one of our world-class doctors.


    With the estimate of at least 100,000 to 200,000 Americans dying of COVID-19, we have an emergency that needs unconventional medical contribution. We need doctors to apply their services through GIVE mHealth. By conducting mobile health sessions with patients, we can reduce hospital overcrowding. We can also have more people treated.


    As the coronavirus is killing 1 percent of people infected the aforementioned estimate means that 10 or 20 million people will be sick in short order. This is what experts at the CDC are calling the best-case scenario. Add your email and prepare for us to send you the GIVE mHealth app for mobile health virtual visits. Or contribute any financial contributions you can.


    As these states are currently heavily hit, we are asking doctors who are liscensed in New York and New Jersey to join our current telehealth response immediately. All non-life threatening illnesses are being asked to stay away from the hospital. GIVE mHealth is filling the need for these patients by having doctors see patients in this region via telehealth. Please contact us at to follow through.


    All contributing doctors will be honored at Harvard University and at the Prince Albert II home -Palais du Monaco- during the Award Ceremony that will be conducted next year. The Harvard Hutchins Fellowship will list these contributing doctors in the grant for clinical trials and they will be listed in the publication as the responding doctors to the End COVID-19 GIVE mHealth response.


    Also, like all other contributors, you will receive a T-Shirt honoring your support to end this pandemic.

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