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For Sponsoring at this Level the corporate sponsor will receive.


Platinum Sponsor: $10,000

Billing as House of Lords Euroknowledge Philanthropic Telehealth Global Sponsor of the “Harvard GIVE mHealth” on all publicity materials


  • Award as 2021 Global Leader ath the House of Lords
  • 15 minute speaking slot during 2020 & 2021 Awards
  • Video Recorded Interview
  • Premium Billing on Cover of House of Lords Philanthropic Program
  • Interview and article on Foreign Investment Network Magazine 
  • Promotional Table in the House of Lords 2021 Luncheon Honoring Prince Albert II
  • Company Name Displayed on Prince Albert of Monaco Award Luncheon Materials
  • Press Release of company at Monaco Award Luncheon and company message
  • Verbal Recognition at theHouse of Lords Luncheon  
  • Photo Opportunities with Honorees and VIPs during UN General Assembly
  • Full-page Color Ad (inside front/back cover) in Souvenir Program Booklet
  • Distribution of Promotional Items in Souvenir Gift Bags and T-Shirt


Additional Benefits:


  • Inside Front/Back Cover Ad in Harvard/GIVE Telehealth Program
  • Top listing in Category in Harvard/GIVE Telehealth Program

Info session and feedback with Harvard and UN doctors


    With this participation, the philanthropic award the telehealth app selected by the House of Lords Euroknowledge Award committee, will be provided to doctors in over 145 countries. It will be applied to enable doctors to cooperate with collaborators and correspond with patients at a distance with mobile phones for them and for patients in their countries. Once the patients have used it for a few months, we will have a basis of data that allows AI assess how it is used for accessing the COVID-19 in relation to other ailments. Then, it will be made available for patients broadly.


    This philanthropic contribution is filling the need for these patients by having doctors see patients globally via telehealth. By the lead of the former Chief Technology Officer of IBM and 25 Harvard medical doctors, people could have telehealth that helps them, with AI, to manage their health and wellness. Having this we would have a healthier workplace.


    In conductiong corporate philanthropy or social entrepreneurhsip in telehealth on a broad scale, we can have an opportunity for impacting the global economy by improving health of the daily worker through corporate contribution. After the global trial of the GIVE mHealth app, it will be make available to every of the 145 participating countries. Your philanthropic participation makes this happen.


    All contributors will honored will be honored by publishing at Harvard University and at the House of Lords during the Award Ceremony. The Harvard GIVE mHealth Fellowship will list these contributors as the philanthropic contributors to Prince Albert II of Monaco's Global Health Leadership Award.


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