Our participants are catalysts for advancing existing and new medical technologies. With your contribution, you will get a we pledged together t-shirt. Join our mailing list to get connect your friends and family involved in connecting each other to the solution to end COVID-19. Share this with colleagues and business partners to connect them with people who are experts in healthcare.


    With this contribution, we need to make the iOS GIVE mHealth app available for Android phones and sign up patients in Palau -the country awarded with the Presidential Award for Healthcare Technology. We need to enable their headquarter hospital to cooperate with collaborators and correspond with patients at a distance with mobile phones for them and for patients spread around the island country. Once the patients have used it for a month, we will have a basis of how it is used for accessing the COVID-19 in relation to other ailments. Then, we will make it available in Monaco and the United States beginning with New York and New Jersey.


    As these states are currently heavily hit, we are asking doctors who are liscensed in New York and New Jersey to join our current telehealth response immediately. All non-life threatening illnesses are being asked to stay away from the hospital. GIVE mHealth is filling the need for these patients by having doctors see patients in this region via telehealth. After the global trial of the GIVE mHealth app, it will be make available to every state of the union. Your contribution makes this happen.


    All contributors will honored in the credits of the documentary and the publication after the conclusion of the ending of this crisis. They will be honored at Harvard University and at the Prince Albert II home -Palais du Monaco- during the Award Ceremony that will be conducted next year. The Harvard Hutchins Fellowship will list these contributors as the sponsoring contributors to the End COVID-19 GIVE mHealth response.


    Also, like all other contributors, you will receive a T-Shirt honoring your support to end this pandemic.