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December 2013

Built one of the first EMR cloud-based mobile apps with internet connection-free enabled remote healthcare. Prototype built around medical doctor contribution of medical floor to remote care logistics. 


February 2014

Incorporated Generating Innovation Ventures & Enterprises (GIVE Inc.)


March 2014

Awarded Fellowship for AI in Mobile Health by the Faculty of Arts and Science at Harvard University.


Sep 2014

Prototype redesigned with Director of Clinical Trials Innovation -Harvard Clinical Research Institute & Co-Chair of the Scientific Council of Stanford X.


Jan 2015

Remote health clinical trials using prototype is designed and structured.


Mar 2015

Held Digital Diagnostics in Global Health at Harvard University. Over 20 Harvard doctors join GIVE mHealth Board and Steering Committee. Basis of AI method for monitoring patient symptoms remotely configured. Medical and clinical input into AI for remote health monitoring standardized.


Apr 2015

Prototype used for medical mission in West Africa. Clinical trial method for performing non-invasive clinical trial using mobile platform established. 


Oct 2016

Led Harvard Faculty Club Global Health Transformation -Keynoted by CMIO of Kaiser Permanente and followed by the Director of Global Primary Care of Harvard Medical School. GIVE mHealth prototype solution proposed.


Apr 2017

Secured agreements with global hospitals, global health insurance companies, and assembled stakeholders in 5 countries.

Oct 2017

Selected as the stakeholder solution for global health delivery SDG #3 by the President of the United Nations at the UN General Assembly during President’s Inaugural Opening.


Sep 2018

GIVE mHealth endorsed by Prince Albert II of Monaco. Held the Presidential Awards and Business Roundtable highlighted by Forbes Africa.


Sep 2019

President of the Republic of Palau reaches agreement for deployment of the GIVE telehealth app for combating diabetes and obesity nationwide.


Mar 2020

The GIVE telehealth app incorporates COVID-19 monitoring data to the AI on its platform. Over 140 country offices subscribe to GIVE telehealth app.

Oct 2020

The GIVE telehealth app awarded House of Lords Euroknowledge telehealth award. The GIVE telehealth app reaches over 10,000 subscribers.

February 2021

The new GIVE mHealth symptoms tracker telehealth app is released for public use.

May 2021

GIVE mHealth innovator presents with the health equity leaders of the FDA on how to use the app for reducing health disparities.

June 2021

GIVE mHealth innovator awarded Top 100 Healthcare Leaders at the MGM Grand Las Vegas for pioneering AI in telehealth.

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